Essential Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance Services

Your air conditioner and heater work hard throughout the year to keep your home comfortable. Don’t wait until something’s gone wrong to call in a professional to service your system. Preventive maintenance is an important part of your annual home maintenance routine. Wise offers comprehensive air conditioning and heating tune-ups that will keep your system in top shape.

You should schedule air conditioning maintenance once per year in early spring, and schedule furnace maintenance in the early fall. These annual visits will ensure that your systems get a thorough once-over every year so they’re in prime condition for the heating or cooling season again. Preventive maintenance plans will help you stay on top of these important visits.

Yes, we offer Maintenance Plans. Semi-annual maintenance inspections and tune-ups, plus added value benefits such as:

  • Inspect electrical components and tighten connections
  • Look for clogs in the condensate drain
  • Inspect blower parts
  • Lubricate blades and other moving parts
  • Carefully clean your system
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect the thermostat
  • Look for signs of wear and potential problems

Our thorough tune-ups will clue you in to any problem areas with your air conditioner or heater. When you schedule the proper AC maintenance early, you’ll have ample warning of potential issues, such as low refrigerant levels or a slow leak. This gives you time to schedule convenient repairs before you’re left with uncomfortable conditions.

The Importance of Preventive HVAC Maintenance

Preventive heating and cooling maintenance benefits your system in many ways. A system that is well-maintained will:

  • Have a longer lifespan
  • Need fewer repairs
  • Operate more efficiently

Proper maintenance now is something you’ll benefit from long into the future with lower utility bills and better home comfort.